STOP! Before you buy oil, is your engine 2-cycle? 4-cycle? Does it specify the oil type? These are extremely important factors that will severely damage your engine if you don’t pay close attention.

When it comes to 4-cycle engines you need to pay close attention to the temperature rating of the oil, some oils perform better in cold climates (5W-30) whereas others are meant for warmer climates (10W-30). Choosing the wrong type of oil when in a close to 0 degree environment can be detrimental to the engine. The number proceeding the W stands for the rate in which the oil can flow at at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, this means that 5W-30 flows faster than 10W-30 at 0 degrees.

Our favorite 2-cycle oil would be the Husqvarna 2.6 oz Low Smoke Formula, it’s literally the ONLY 2-cycle engine oil we use.

Engine Oil 2-cycle
Alternatively, if you require 4-cycle we’d highly suggest the Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil

Briggs % Stratton 30w engine oil